Gina's Aquarium Supply (aquarium-supply.biz) has decided to close shop. Gina has moved to Tibet where she is currently helping maintain the Dalai Lama's fish bowl.

Gina says, "Thanks to all the customers from over the past 15 years. We've really enjoyed helping you with your aquarium needs!!"

Please feel free to direct any questions, including questions about past orders and warranty issues, to MarineAndReef.com. Marineandreef.com and Gina's Aquarium Supply have always been owned by the same company, the Aquatic Group. They have you order information. They know who you are and what you purchased from Gina's Aquarium Supply. They're happy to help.

Here is the contact info:

Toll Free: 877.878.9349
1536 W. Todd, Suite A102
Tempe, AZ 85283

-The Aquatic Group